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Last Update 4 months ago

Here you will be able to learn more about our supportive app, which will provide your high amount transactions security for both you and your customers.

You can either read the article on all details you need about the pin app or watch our walkthrough video below. 

Installing both apps on your device 

It's essential that you download both our main app & pin app in order to take payments with Vibrant.

To find both applications on Google Play, you can simply type Vibrant, and both options will prompt on the main screen. 

Once they are both downloaded, you will be able to find the main app on the main screen of your device, however, the pin app will be only visible through your settings, as it's only a supportive tool to make sure that Vibrant functions properly.

If in any case, you need to access the pin app, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Access your settings
  2. Apps 

Making High amount transactions

To make transactions above the amount of DKK 350, the app will prompt a screen asking your customer to insert his card pin.

Through each digit inserted, the pin pad will move position to provide the customer with high security.

Besides the insertion of the pin, there are no other changes to the process of the transaction. The pin app is automatically connected to your Vibrant app, meaning you do not have to access the pin application when making high amount transactions. 

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