Having multiple terminals connected to your account


Last Update 4 months ago

With Vibrant you do have the possibility of having several terminals connected to your company’s CVR number. Meaning you can have multiple devices taking payments inside of a single shop, or in different locations that are registered with the same CVR. However, there are some specifications (mentioned below) from which you should be aware of.

An example of how multiple terminals can be connected at Vibrant.

When you create an account, you are asked to submit your CVR & bank information to which the funds will be deposited. All of this information will be transformed into a single Merchant ID.

Once your Merchant ID is generated you are allowed to create one or multiple terminals with the possibility to assign it to different employees and locations. And all of the terminals regardless of the assignee or location will have their funds to the same bank information registered on your Merchant ID.

Therefore, our system currently supports diverse terminals to your CVR only when the funds are transferred to only one account.

What if you would like each store to have its funds redirected to different bank accounts?

It is possible, but currently, our technology does not automatically support this possibility. Therefore, if you need this solution, please get in touch with us.

Then we will be able to personalize your account to have each shop receiving its funds to different accounts.


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